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STIKES Maharani Profile


STIKES Maharani as the one of health institution, which carries out the duty of high education to attain participation in nation health program, was established in December 22nd 2006 by Maharani Association of Health Education Management.
We have high commitment to change the Indonesian health future by providing a good health employee education and to contribute in the social problems related with the health. Our visions are to be excellent in producing professional health employee, moral, ethic, virtue, and ready to compete in a global era.


STIKES MAHARANI MALANG was established in December 26th 2006 with the judgment Letter from Indonesian High Education Ministry No 273/D/0/2006. It was founded by Maharani Association of Health Education Management, which have 11 members. When it is firstly established, STIKES MAHARANI MALANG has two Study Programs; The Diploma of Midwifery and The Undergraduate Nursing Program, which accepted 10 students for Midwifery and 22 students for Nursing Study Program. Due to the need development of health providers, STIKES MAHARANI MALANG opens two new study programs; The Diploma of Health Analyst and The Ners Profession Program. At the present, STIKES MAHARANI MALANG has four study programs; they are The Diploma of Midwifery, The Diploma of Health Analyst, The Undergraduate Nursing Program, and The Ners Profession Program (Nurse Profession education). The number of active students are 827 and 207 students has graduated.
In the Academy program of The Undergraduate Nursing Program, the students take 8 semesters (4 years) with 150 course credits to graduate and 2 semesters (a year) with 36 course credits for the Ners Profession Program.
In The Diploma of Midwifery, the students take 6 semesters (3 years) with 116 course credits to graduate.

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